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Anyone who struggles to walk at all or who gets tired after walking a short distance could benefit from a mobility scooter. They are a great way to get about on your own and not be reliant on someone else.  

Mobility scooters to give you greater independence

A wide selection of mobility scooters to suit any requirement

Are you looking for a small transportable scooter that will fit into your boot or can be taken on aeroplanes, or a larger scooter which will take you from your door and allow you to explore the towns or countryside in comfort and style.  


Our showroom displays a wide range of mobility scooters and our friendly and helpful staff are ready to help you find the scooter for you.

When choosing a mobility scooter you have to take certain factors into consideration. How often you plan on using the mobility scooter, where will it be stored, whether or not you plan on transporting it in a car, and how it needs to be charged.

Tips for choosing a mobility scooter

For more information on our high quality mobility scooters call us today. 01674 671818