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SES Mobility Ltd stock a range of walking aids at fantastic prices. Whether you need a frame or walking stick we will find the right product for you.

Come and visit us today and we can demonstrate the different products that may work for you, with no obligation to buy.

A fine selection of walking aids

Get all the help you need when choosing walking aids

We understand that choosing the perfect type of walking aid may be difficult, especially for individuals who have never used one before. For this reason, we offer personalised help to all our customers. Simply call or visit our shop for a demonstration and more information.


Types of walking aid

•  Wooden walking sticks

•  Metal walking sticks

•  Folding walking sticks

•  Walking sticks with a seat

•  Tripods and quadrupods

•  Crutches

•  Walking frames

•  Household trolleys

•  Shopping trolleys

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